Dartcom, South Africa’s rapidly growing one-stop communications and energy solutions provider, has expanded its communications portfolio through an agreement with Motorola Solutions South Africa.

As an appointed Direct Systems sales and support partner, Dartcom extends Motorola Solutions’ footprint in South Africa and increases exposure to its technology ecosystem built specifically for public safety and enterprise security, including mission-critical communications, video security and access control and command center software. The agreement will also broaden Dartcom’s reach within the security, heavy industry and mining sectors.

Dartcom CEO Brett Nash says: “It’s a phenomenal opportunity and a great brand with which to be associated. Motorola Solutions is the leader in mission-critical communications. We are thrilled to widen our scope and build on our strategy to move from a pure product-focused business to an integrated services provider.”

“Dartcom already has great logistics capabilities and strategic partnerships that give us significant exposure and leverage with the heavy industry and mining sectors. With our focus on product excellence and service in telecoms, we are strategically positioned to support customers and drive growth in the region,” he says.

Demand for mission-critical communications in the South African and pan-African market is growing, particularly as public safety and emergency services increasingly depend on advanced technologies. This trend is supported by a recent study which found that 88% of citizens globally now want to see public safety transformed through the use of advanced technology.

Wernfried Hesse, appointed to head Dartcom’s new Motorola Solutions unit, says Dartcom sees significant opportunities with Motorola Solutions in the region, particularly for TETRA solutions. “Police, security and emergency services depend on TETRA systems for everyday operations and during emergencies when cellphone networks can be overwhelmed,” he notes. “Motorola Solutions’ video security, video analytics and access control, powered by artificial intelligence, are also highly relevant to address the rapidly evolving needs of public safety within the local market,” he says.

Hesse says: “Dartcom will focus only on Motorola Solutions, with highly specialised sales and technical teams dedicated to supporting customers across Sub Saharan Africa. We plan to expand our team as we extend our reach across the South African Development Community.”